Welcome to the Kickstart Accademy.

This month long program will help kickstart your life, your goals, your dreams..... whatever you want, if you join and put the action in you will get what you want.


If you feel stuck, unmotivated, stuck in the same routine, unhappy in the direction of your life, or maybe you just want to next level up? 


This is the place for you!

Through the month of October we will work as a small group via Facebook live and videos.


You will be given the tools to work out what you want and most importantly come up with the drive and motivation to work towards what you want. 


You will be held accountable.

Have daily tasks that will help you achieve you goals.

Have access to our private facebook group where you can ask as many questions as you like.

Have a daily check in.

Video's will be posted daily, these will be a mixture of live and recorded videos.

You will receive the tools you need to really move forward.


What you focus on you grow!


I will help you focus on what you want so you can grow. 


Once you pay you will receive a downloadable PDF and you will receive a link to the facebook group.


Closing date is the 28th September so you can have a few days to prep before we get started.


What are you waiting for? 

Kickstart Academy - October 2021