Are you ready to take control of your life in 2021?


After what can only be described as year of stress and anguish for many people maybe its time to step into 2021 and take control!


This program is designed to take you out of your comfort zone, take on new challenges, work on the things that are important to you and most importantly follow through. 


So why 71 days?


They say it takes 21 days to break a habit… is that really true? It often takes longer than that, usually 60 plus days. I also wanted the challenge to end on a Friday….. so 71 in 21 was born.


The best investment you can ever make is to invest into yourself.


What is involved.


Every day I want you to:


1, Eat well - not go on a diet, but cut out the bad foods and replace them with foods that are better for you. I’m not a nutritionist but I know the foods that are good for me and I’m sure you do too deep p down. The choice is yours what to eat but the challenge is to eat well.


2, Exercise - every day! Yes every single day, I don’t care what you do but move your ass for at least 30 minutes every day, the exercise must make you sweat! You will be surprised what a massive impact you will have on your life with a little exercise every day.

3, Journal daily - every day journal through your day, ask yourself questions and answer them honesty. There will be journaling guides through out the 71 days. Or you can journal your own questions.


4, Take some time out each day to visualise your life, your goals coming true, your day, the way you are going to look, feel at the end of the challenge.


5, Cut out - stop doing the one thing that is holding you back, what ever it is, drinking, gambling, smoking, over working, binge watching TV - focus on the objectives above when things become difficult. 


6, Daily check in - you will be expected to check in everyday on facebook, updating your day, how you got on with your goals for the day.


What I would also like you to do is reward yourself at the end of each week. Something small each week or you can bank those rewards and have them at the end, maybe you bank £1 every day you achieve your goals for the day? Then spend that on a little something you want at the end of the week? What ever it is work out a way of rewarding yourself for completion of goals.


You will be part of a facebook group led by myself, I will be in the challenge with you from day 1! There will be support videos, lives sessions and a chance for you to put your questions forward. There will content added daily giving you a guide to the coming week or teaching you new lessons on mindset and moving forward. 


If you’re ready to take control.

If you’re ready to quit the excuses

If your ready to take charge of 2021


Then book this course. 


It could just be the best thing you have ever done.


Course is ran through facebook so you will need an account to get into the group.


Once paid you will receive a link within a few days to join the private group.


You will also reveice a daily check sheet.



71 in 21