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How to be happier

In this blog I share with you some tips on how you can feel and be more happy.

My first tip is to get up a little earlier and go to bed a little earlier! You must have heard the saying "early to be and early to rise makes a man strong and wise" well I tend to agree with this.

Getting enough sleep is very important and there is nothing worse than going to bed and waking up and feeling exhausted all day. It's not good for you, impacts your mood and your decision making. So get yourself to bed earlier and wake up earlier.

Waking up earlier! WTF!!!! Why should I get up earlier if you are telling us to get plenty of rest? Well it's simple, get up and have some time for your self! There is nothing worse than getting up and having to do things on other peoples time! For example, are you getting up, rushing around to get to work, sort out the kids, doing house work, preparing for your day? Imagine starting the day and having 45 minutes of doing things that are good for you and help your mindset..... well what does that look like?

I love having some time to read, write and sit in silence - even better if the weather allows it spend time dong these things outside as the sin rises. Reading a personal development book or something inspirational is a great way of getting the brain in the right mindset. Writing out your plans for the day or doing some journaling (see my journaling blog) helps you organise and structure your day.

Finally spending some time just sitting in silence! Close your eyes and just sit and relax, your brain may wander, just let it! Thoughts will pop into your head, that's fine, if you want to have your pen and paper handy should you think of something important you want to note down but do your best to just have time doing nothing!

Things to avoid during this time to yourself: keep all tech off, do not watch TV, do not check your phone, do not go on social media, do not read emails, do not read the news paper! This will distract you and you will end up engaging in others rather than yourself.

That's your morning sorted so what else could you be doing to feel happier?

Create a happy play list! We all have favourite songs/music that remind us of good times or have really powerful motivational or happy lyrics. Create a list of these songs and play it regularly, in the car on the way to work, in the shower or when you are feeling a little low. Its a great way of lifting your mood or making you feel good. Its a lot better than listening to the radio when you don't know what will be played.

Talk positive to yourself - try to notice the things you say to yourself. If you find yourself criticising what you do then stop! Change the language you use, if you make a mistake, forgive yourself and use it as a learning opportunity. Congratulate yourself regularly - a simple well done to yourself regularly can be powerful over time.

The foods we eat can have a real impact on our mood, so try and pick healthier options. What we put into our bodies is huge. You know the foods that are not good, avoid them and you will notice a difference.

Drink lots of water, our bodies need it and we quite often neglect it. It helps with mood, energy and overall health. Its amazing how much drinking water regularly can help your mood.

Spend time with people that lift your mood and support you, you are the average of the people you spend most of your time with. If you surround yourself with negativity then guess what you are going to be!

Don't compare yourself to others, comparing yourself to what you see is pointless! Focus on you and what you want, don't worry about other people and what they are dong. Work on things that make you feel good. When you see others you see a real small snap shot of their life! Do you and no one else.

Worry!!! What is the point of it? Are you a worrier, ask yourself why am i worrying? When we worry we double the energy and time going into something. We worry about all sorts and it is pointless! If we can't change it then accept it and move on. Its easy to say but over time if you keep working on this in time you will feel happier and care less about what other people think or the outcome of things you cannot control.

Finally, a lot of people don't realis the value of having a coach, someone to help them through times, hold them accountable, work on their goals. Having a good coach can have life changing results. If this is something you would like to investigate further then you can by emailing

Nick Parsons - September 2021

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